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Sekundarno zakonodavstvo EU

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Council Directive 2008/71/EC of 15 July 2008 on the identification and registration of pigs (Codified version) 15.7.2008
Council Directive 93/118/EEC of 22 December 1993 amending Directive 85/73/EEC on the financing of health inspections and controls of fresh meat and poultrymeat 22.12.1993
Commission Directive 93/110/EC of 9 December 1993 amending certain Annexes to Council Directive 77/93/EEC on protective measures against the introduction into the Community of organisms harmful to plants or plant products and against their spread within the Community 9.12.1993
Commission Directive 93/108/EEC of 3 December 1993 amending Council Directive 66/403/EEC on the marketing of seed potatoes 3.12.1993
Commission Directive 93/106/EEC of 29 November 1993 amending Directive 92/76/EEC recognizing protected zones exposed to particular plant health risks in the Community 29.11.1993
Commission Directive 93/105/EC of 25 November 1993 laying down Annex VII D, containing information required for the technical dossier referred to in Article 12 of the seventh amendment of Council Directive 67/548/EEC 25.11.1993
Council Directive 93/96/EEC of 29 October 1993 on the right of residence for students 29.10.1993
Commission Directive 93/90/EEC of 29 October 1993 concerning the list of substances referred to in Article 13 (1) (5th indent) of Council Directive 67/548/EEC 29.10.1993
Council Directive 93/85/EEC of 4 October 1993 on the control of potato ring rot 4.10.1993
Commission Directive 93/86/EEC of 4 October 1993 adapting to technical progress Council Directive 91/157/EEC on batteries and accumulators containing certain dangerous substances 4.10.1993
Commission Directive 93/84/EEC of 30 September 1993 amending Directive 80/723/EEC on the transparency of financial relations between Member States and public undertakings 30.9.1993
Commission Directive 93/67/EEC of 20 July 1993 laying down the principles for assessment of risks to man and the environment of subtances notified in accordance with Council Directive 67/548/EEC 20.7.1993
Council Directive 93/65/EEC of 19 July 1993 on the definition and use of compatible technical specifications for the procurement of air-traffic- management equipment and systems 19.7.1993
Commission Directive 93/61/EEC of 2 July 1993 setting out the schedules indicating the conditions to be met by vegetable propagating and planting material, other than seed pursuant to Council Directive 92/33/EEC 2.7.1993
Council Directive 93/57/EEC of 29 June 1993 amending the Annexes to Directives 86/362/EEC and 86/363/EEC on the fixing of maximum levels for pesticide residues in and on cereals and foodstuffs of animal origin respectively 29.6.1993
Council Directive 93/58/EEC of 29 June 1993 amending Annex II to Directive 76/895/EEC relating to the fixing of maximum levels for pesticide residues in and on fruit and vegetables and the Annex to Directive 90/642/EEC relating to the fixing of maximum levels for pesticide residues in and on certain products of plant origin, including fruit and vegetables, and providing for the establishment of a first list of maximum levels 29.6.1993
Council Directive 93/59/EEC of 28 June 1993 amending Directive 70/220/EEC on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to measures to be taken against air pollution by emissions from motor vehicles 28.6.1993
Commission Directive 93/50/EEC of 24 June 1993 specifying certain plants not listed in Annex V, part A to Council Directive 77/93/EEC, the producers of which, or the warehouses, dispatching centres in the production zones of such plants, shall be listed in an official register 24.6.1993
Commission Directive 93/51/EEC of 24 June 1993 establishing rules for movements of certain plants, plant products or other objects through a protected zone, and for movements of such plants, plant products or other objects originating in and moving within such a protected zone 24.6.1993
Council Directive 93/52/EEC of 24 June 1993 amending Directive 89/556/EEC on animal health conditions governing intra-Community trade in and importation from third countries of embryos of domestic animals of the bovine species 24.6.1993
Council Directive 93/54/EEC of 24 June 1993 amending Directive 91/67/EEC concerning the animal health conditions governing the placing on the market of aquaculture animals and products 24.6.1993
Commission Directive 93/48/EEC of 23 June 1993 setting out the schedule indicating the conditions to be met by fruit plant propagating material and fruit plants intended for fruit production, pursuant to Council Directive 92/34/EEC 23.6.1993
Commission Directive 93/49/EEC of 23 June 1993 setting out the schedule indicating the conditions to be met by ornamental plant propagating material and ornamental plants pursuant to Council Directive 91/682/EEC 23.6.1993
Commission Directive 93/46/EEC of 22 June 1993 replacing and modifying the Annexes to Council Directive 92/109/EEC on the manufacture and placing on the market of certain substances used in the illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances 22.6.1993
Commission Directive 93/45/EEC of 17 June 1993 concerning the manufacture of nectars without the addition of sugars or honey 17.6.1993
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