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Sekundarno zakonodavstvo EU

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Regulation (Euratom) No 2388/71 of the Council of 8 November 1971 amending the conditions governing remuneration and social security for establishment staff of the Joint Nuclear Research Centre employed in the Netherlands 8.11.1971
Council Directive 65/469/EEC of 25 October 1965 amending the Council Directive on the approximation of the rules of the Member States concerning the colouring matters authorized for use in foodstuffs intended for human consumption 25.10.1965
65/449/EEC: Granting of aid from guidance section of EAGGF for the year 1964 14.10.1965
Regulation No 121/65/EEC of the Commission of 16 September 1965 exempting imports of pigs from Austria from the levy of additional amounts 16.9.1965
Regulation No 79/65/EEC of the Council of 15 June 1965 setting up a network for the collection of accountancy data on the incomes and business operation of agricultural holdings in the European Economic Community 15.6.1965
Second Council Directive 65/264/EEC of 13 May 1965 implementing in respect of the film industry the provisions of the General Programmes for the abolition of restrictions on freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services 13.5.1965
Council Directive 65/269/EEC of 13 May 1965 concerning the standardisation of certain rules relating to authorizations for the carriage of goods by road between Member States 13.5.1965
Commission Directive 65/277/EEC of 13 May 1965 on the procedure for formulation of opinions in intra-Community trade in bovine animals and swine and in fresh meat 13.5.1965
Commission Directive 65/276/EEC of 13 May 1965 on the procedure to be followed as regards delivery of opinions on the official approval of slaughterhouses and cutting plants in intra-Community trade in fresh meat 13.5.1965
Regulation No 54/65/EEC of the Commission of 7 April 1965 on the non-fixing of an additional amount for Polish eggs 7.4.1965
Regulation No 51/65/EEC of the Commission of 1 April 1965 amending the common quality standards for certain fruits and vegetables 1.4.1965
High Authority: Decision No 5-65 of 17 March 1965 on the barring by time of claims in respect of levies provided for in Articles 49 and 50 of the Treaty 17.3.1965
Regulation No 30/65/EEC, 4/65/Euratom of the Councils of 16 March 1965 amending the Staff Regulations of Officials and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Economic Community and the European Atomic Energy Community 16.3.1965
Regulation No 19/65/EEC of 2 March of the Council on application of Article 85 (3) of the Treaty to certain categories of agreements and concerted practices 2.3.1965
High Authority: Decision No 1-65 of 3 February 1965 concerning notification of decisions on information to be obtained from or checks to be made on associations of undertakings for purposes of application of Article 65 of the Treaty 3.2.1965
Council Directive 65/65/EEC of 26 January 1965 on the approximation of provisions laid down by Law, Regulation or Administrative Action relating to proprietary medicinal products 26.1.1965
Council Directive 65/66/EEC of 26 January 1965 laying down specific criteria of purity for preservatives authorised for use in foodstuffs intended for human consumption 26.1.1965
Regulation No 10/65/EEC of the Council laying down common quality standards for garlic 26.1.1965
Regulation No 7/65/EEC, 1/65/Euratom of the Councils of 11 January 1965 on rules for the application of the Staff Regulations of Officials and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the Communities to the Staff of the Audit Board 11.1.1965
ECSC High Authority: Décision No 18-64 of 9 December 1964 extending the period of validity of Décision No 24- 63 of 11 December 1963 requiring undertakings in the Community steel industry to make returns to the High Authority of transactions involving rebates or special prices for indirect export 9.12.1964
64/718/EEC: Commission Decision of 4 December 1964 amending Article 1 of the Decision of 30 July 1964 on the institution of a special method of administrative co-operation for applying intra-Community treatment to the fishery catches of vessels of Member States 4.12.1964
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