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Sekundarno zakonodavstvo EU

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66/161/EEC: Council Decision of 28 February 1966 instituting a procedure for consultation in respect of transport infrastructure investment 28.2.1966
64/732/EEC: Council Decision of 23 December 1963 on the conclusion of the Agreement establishing an Association between the European Economic Community and Turkey  /* Unofficial translation */ 23.12.1963
63/688/EEC: Rules of the Advisory Committee on Vocational Training 18.12.1963
Regulation No 7/63/Euratom of the Council of 3 December 1963 on rules of procedure of the Arbitration Committee provided for in Article 18 of the Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community 3.12.1963
Regulation No 118/63/EEC of the Council of 5 November 1963 amending Regulation No 17 5.11.1963
Council Directive 64/54/EEC of 5 November 1963 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States concerning the preservatives authorized for use in foodstuffs intended for human consumption 5.11.1963
Council Directive 63/607/EEC of 15 October 1963 implementing in respect of the film industry the provisions of the General Programme for the abolition of restrictions on freedom to provide services 15.10.1963
Council Decision of 14 October 1963 coordinating certain measures of commercial policy in respect of the Imperial Government of Iran 14.10.1963
Regulation No 80/63/EEC of the Commission of 31 July 1963 on quality inspection of fruit and vegetables imported from third countries 31.7.1963
Regulation No 92/63/EEC of the Council of 30 July 1963 amending Article 1 of Regulation No 24 as regards the date for preparing a viticultural land register 30.7.1963
Council Directive 63/474/EEC of 30 July 1963 liberalising transfers in respect of invisible transactions not connected with the movement of goods, services, capital or persons 30.7.1963
Regulation No 99/63/EEC of the Commission of 25 July 1963 on the hearings provided for in Article 19 (1) and (2) of Council Regulation No 17 25.7.1963
63/27/Euratom: Council Decision of 18 June 1963 on the establishment of the 'Kernkraftwerk RWE-Bayernwerk GmbH' Joint Undertaking 18.6.1963
Council Directive 63/340/EEC of 31 May 1963 on the abolition of all prohibitions on or obstacles to payments for services where the only restrictions on exchange of services are those governing such payments 31.5.1963
63/266/EEC: Council Decision of 2 April 1963 laying down general principles for implementing a common vocational training policy 2.4.1963
Council Directive 63/261/EEC of 2 April 1963 laying down detailed provisions for the attainment of freedom of establishment in agriculture in the territory of a Member State in respect of nationals of other countries of the Community who have been employed as paid agricultural workers in that Member State for a continuous period of two years 2.4.1963
Council Directive 63/262/EEC of 2 April 1963 laying down detailed provisions for the attainment of freedom of establishment on agricultural holdings abandoned or left uncultivated for more than two years 2.4.1963
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