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Regulation (EEC) No 1395/69 of the Council of 17 July 1969 amending Regulation (EEC) No 447/68 laying down general rules for intervention buying of sugar 17.7.1969
Regulation No 1043/67/EEC of the Commission of 22 December 1967 on detailed rules for fixing basic quotas for sugar 22.12.1967
Regulation No 1018/67/EEC of the Council of 19 December 1967 supplementing Regulation No 365/67/EEC on rules for the advance fixing of levies on rice and broken rice 19.12.1967
Regulation No 1019/67/EEC of the Council of 19 December 1967 supplementing Regulation No 366/67/EEC laying down general rules for granting export refunds on rice and criteria for fixing the amount of such refunds 19.12.1967
Regulation No 1009/67/EEC of the Council of 18 December 1967 on the common organisation of the market in sugar 18.12.1967
67/790/EEC: Council Decision of 14 December 1967 on certain measures of common transport policy 14.12.1967
68/0411/EEC: Council Decision of 27 November 1967 concluding multilateral agreements signed as a result of the conference on trade negociations of 1964-1967 27.11.1967
Regulation No 852/67/EEC of the Council of 14 November 1967 on the production refund on broken rice used for the manufacture of starch and quellmehl and in the brewing industry 14.11.1967
Regulation No 785/67/EEC of the Commission of 30 October 1967 on the buying-in of olive oil by intervention agencies 30.10.1967
Regulation No 765/67/EEC of the Commission of 26 October 1967 on the non-fixing of an additional amount for Australian eggs 26.10.1967
Regulation No 767/67/EEC of the Council of 26 October 1967 amending Regulation No 142/67/EEC on export refunds on colza, rape and sunflower seeds 26.10.1967
Council Directive 67/653/EEC of 24 October 1967 amending the Council Directive on the approximation of the rules of the Member States concerning the colouring matters authorized for use in foodstuffs intended for human consumption 24.10.1967
Council Directive 67/654/EEC of 24 October 1967 laying down detailed provisions for the attainment of freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services in respect of activities of self-employed persons in forestry and logging 24.10.1967
Regulation No 724/67/EEC of the Council of 17 October 1967 laying down conditions for intervention in respect of oil seeds during the last two months of the marketing year and principles for the disposal of seeds bought in by intervention agencies 17.10.1967
Regulation No 694/67/EEC of the Commission of 10 October 1967 redefining the destination zones for export refunds on cereals 10.10.1967
67/608/EEC: Granting of aid from the guidance section of the EAGGF in terms of the provisions of Regulation No 266/66/EEC of 7 December 1966 relating to the contribution of EAGGF to réparation of damage caused by the disastrous floods in certain régions of Italy during autumn 1966 2.10.1967
Regulation No 633/67/EEC of the Commission of 27 September 1967 on the advance fixing of the export refund on cereals 27.9.1967
Regulation No 614/67/EEC of the Commission of 26 September 1967 amending Regulation No 202/67/EEC on fixing the additional amount for imports of pigmeat products from third countries 26.9.1967
Regulation No 478/67/EEC of the Commission of 23 August 1967 amending Regulation No 158/67/EEC determining the coefficients of equivalence between the different qualities of cereals 23.8.1967
Regulation No 467/67/EEC of the Commission of 21 August 1967 fixing the conversion rates, the processing costs and the value of the by-products for the various stages of rice processing 21.8.1967
Regulation No 470/67/EEC of the Commission of 21 August 1967 on the taking over of paddy rice by intervention agencies, and fixing the corrective amounts, price increases and reductions applied by them 21.8.1967
Regulation No 471/67/EEC of the Commission of 21 August 1967 laying down the procedures and conditions of sale for paddy rice held by intervention agencies 21.8.1967
Commission Regulation No 474/67/EEC of 21 August 1967 on the advance fixing of the export refund on rice and broken rice  /* Unofficial translation */ 21.8.1967
67/519/EEC: Granting of aid from the guidance section of EAGGF for the year 1966 27.7.1967
Council Directive 67/530/EEC of 25 July 1967 concerning the freedom of nationals of a Member State established as farmers in another Member State to transfer from one holding to another 25.7.1967
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