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IUS-INFO is unique on-line legal information system in the Republic of Croatia which contains up to date legislation and case law in its original form, catalogued and fully searchable. In addition, IUS-INFO provides access to the legal literature and some useful on-line tools like various income calculations and price lists.

IUS-INFO offers to its subscribers:

  • Cross-referenced collection of all the laws and regulations organized by subject
  • Consolidated texts of all the valid laws cross-referenced with the selected relevant courts case law and legal literature
  • Consolidated texts of all the valid regulations cross-referenced with selected relevant courts case law
  • IUS-INFO Timeline presents both current and expired laws in the historical context with all of the individual versions of laws fully searchable.
  • All judgments and selected summaries of the judgments of the Constitutional Court
  • The selected judgments and summaries of the judgments of Supreme Court, High Commercial Court, High Court for Minor Offences, and High Regional Courts all cross-referenced with relevant legislation
  • Expert legal opinion and legal articles
  • On-line income calculation tools and price lists

IUS-INFO up to date and accurate content, cross-referencing and very efficient and user friendly search provide an excellent return on investment to each subscriber. Savings in time needed to locate the information and understand it in the proper context as well as peace of mind provided by in-house legal editors who ensure the highest standards of quality are the reasons why IUS-INFO is an indispensable tool for legal professionals, judges, attorneys, notaries, corporate lawyers, businessmen, academics and all others who need reliable legal information in Croatia.

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